The testimonials below have been written by my past students. These are also the same testimonials (recommendations) that are in displayed in my LinkedIn account.


“Sir Rexcel is, in my opinion, the definition of a great mentor. He is one of, if not the best professors I have had in college. Sir Rex made a game coding class, which I was having a really hard time with, very fun and easy to learn. The way he teaches is very effective for all of his students. He has a way of making complicated things seem so simple. Very approachable and always willing to help even when not in class. The enthusiasm he has when doing his job, whatever it may be, is always something that I noticed about him. He’s surely an asset for any team. I’m really thankful for having him as a professor and I’m more than happy to give him my highest recommendation.”

– Domino Tam


“I’ve graduated with honors and one of the people who have contributed for this fruit bearings is Sir Rexcel. Rexcel is one of the most approachable professors in college. He is great in his own ways of teaching and is passionate to it. He was one of my advisers for my thesis project that had aspects of Interface Design, Game Design and Development, User Experience, and Interactive Graphic Design. He translated complex codes to simple codes, he made suggestions that were significant to my thesis success. “

– Kristine Manuel


“Sir Rexcel is one of the most amazing professors I have had. Not only is he knowledgeable in his field, but he is witty and amusing in his own ways. He is kind, compassionate and is always willing to lend his students a hand if they need it. I can’t forget the time where I was really having a hard time coding my game, because I am not exactly the best coder out there. But Sir Rexcel came to my help. He provided very useful tips and even assisted me in finishing my game, even though he had to help me during his free time. I was really satisfied after finishing the whole thing and I can’t thank Sir Rexcel enough for his patience and dedication. I can attest that he is a dependable and brilliant man that can do great things during his lifetime”

– Ara Virtudes


“Sir Rexcel is one of the best professors I had during college. His teaching method is quite effective in making you learn how to code even if you’re not that interested in coding. He teaches you how to be creative and resourceful when solving a problem and how to go about coding a project.  His skills in programming is quite impressive and his enthusiasm with learning something new everyday is something that I wish I could have someday.”


– Danielle Salvacion


“Rexcel’s approach in game development and game design enables you to learn and work! Aside from his ability turn complex programming problems into simple code structures, his suggestion in improving the features of our projects are remarkable!”

– Nicholle Santos


“It gives me great pleasure to recommend such a great professor. If it weren’t for his inspiring guidance, I wouldn’t be able to achieve my degree. I had learned a great deal of game programming and workflow from his simple and clear teachings, and as well as a guiding hand for me to finish my thesis. He is a problem solver, as well as a logical thinker that enables him to finish any challenges he tackles both in class and in his personal career. I am proud to have been one of his students, and I would definitely recommend this excellent professor as he goes to his next venture. It has always been a delight to learn from you Sir Cariaga.”

– Mia Robles


“Sir Rexcel for me is one of the best professors I had during college. He teaches us codes—and codes are very hard to understand; but he has these sets of skills and methods on how to teach it to the students. He will also teach you how to be creative and resourceful when making your projects. For me, he is an excellent professor and mentor. He will guide you if you’re having a hard time coding/programming. He will easily solve (and think) the error/s that you are having while coding. In short, he is a great person with excellent skills.”

– Elison Jude Cai

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