My Games

<Ions: Chemistry of Alliance />

A two-player Android mobile card trading  where players must form chemical compounds using existing card elements.

Download it here today.


<Saving Neptune />

A first person virtual reality game  where players use teleportation devices and unidentified objects to solve puzzles on planet Neptune.

Download it here today.


<Nasty Bird Poopin Poo Poo Caca />

Amuse yourself by controlling a toucan’s bowel movement to take a dump on the moving car. As the toucan bird hits more vehicles, the cars move faster and your fellow birds move faster. Avoid hitting your fellow birds with your nasty poo but try to hit on the moving cars!Cars move faster and birds fly more swiftly as you take a dump.

Take a dump on 100 cars and become the Caca Champion.

Download it here today.


<Jumping Easter Happy Bunny/>

Help this cute little happy bunny jump on a train and gobble all the delicious carrots! The more carrots the easter bunny consumes, the happier and higher she jumps! So be careful not to let the bunny fall from the train. HOPPA! Help the happy bunny by avoiding a gruesome death! Simply tap the screen to make the bunny hop! Be careful, as “tap-timing” as key skill in these game. There are some carrots that you have to avoid in order to survive the incoming train!

Download it here today.


<Panda Splash/>

A concept game layout design.

<Celestine’s Island/>

A concept game where Celestine tries to fight all the zombies in an isolated island. Animation and 3D Human models where downloaded from Scripting and modelling the terrain were done by yours truly.



Level Design made in Unity.